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Women's & Men's Health Physiotherapy for Wanaka, Queenstown and New Zealand

Do you have urinary incontinence, or  bowel problems?  Or perhaps you are having pain during sex and intimacy?  Maybe it feels like your insides are falling out of your vagina, like with pelvic organ prolapse?  Do you have problems during pregnancy like pelvic girdle pain, or want to have an easier birth, and prevent incontinence after birth?  Have you had a baby and now have tummy muscle separation or problems controlling wind?  Experiencing hip, back or pelvic pain?  Maybe you have just has prostate surgery and now have problems with wetting the pants, or you have an getting an erection or ejaculatory disorder? Or is your child wetting the bed or having problems with a wetting their pants during the day?  Pelvic Solutions was created to address these rampant pelvic issues affecting so many people. So many of our clients have found no relief with other specialists, until they found us.

Our one on one treatments are bespoke to you, created to help you reach your goal – be it getting back to running without incontinence, enjoying intimacy  with your partner without pain, being free from a leaky bladder or moving without pain or discomfort.  Don’t put up with it any more, we’ve got you covered! We are your trusted women’s health and men’s health physiotherapy clinic near you.

We are leading the way in New Zealand pelvic health and our highly trained physiotherapists are devoted to the treatment of pelvic health problems in men, women and children. If it is an online telehealth consultation in the comfort of your on home or at our discreet clinic, you can relax and feel safe to tell your story. As trusted providers of specialist information and advice, we receive referrals from clinicians, midwives, specialists, personal trainers and doctors – as well as people simply picking up the phone, looking for help.

Result-driven consultations

1. Book an appointment

You can book an appointment online or over the phone and come and see us without a referral. Our initial consults are always one to one and 60 minutes long because we really believe it takes time to go in depth and hear your story and properly understand all possible contributing factors to how you are feeling. These are either online telehealth consultations or in person in our clinic. We cover your medical history, examination, treatment, diagnosis, education and advice in the initial appointment. We want to support you physically and emotionally along your journey and step by step, improvements can be made one day at a time.

2. Pin-point the issue

There’s no one size fits all approach and we don’t believe in treatment band aids! We address your symptoms and can often quickly and effectively give you relief, but we also like to take a deep dive into why this issue is occurring and how we can treat the underlying cause. We want you to eventually walk away from Pelvic Solutions with your issue permanently resolved, feeling strong, empowered and ready for life.

3. Build your action plan

Once we’ve identified the issue, we set you up with clear, actionable steps that are achievable, in order to meet your goals. Sometimes the enormity of the road ahead can seem overwhelming, which is why we break it down into small, bite size chunks. We know that we can get you living your best life, step by step. With tailored exercises you can do at home and lifestyle recommendations that are doable, we look at your plan through a holistic lens as we believe nothing happens in a vacuum; by improving all aspects of our health, our pelvic health also reaps the rewards.

Remove pain and incontinence. Restore movement. Get stronger. Move freely. Enjoy life.

Remove pain and incontinence. Restore movement. Get stronger. Move freely. Enjoy life.

Educating professionals & the wider community

The Pelvic Solutions team is pro at delivering engaging, educational and personable live workshops and events which work a treat in corporate and community settings. Our curated talks are tailored for our audience – whether it’s a group of personal trainers, medical professionals, a fundraising event, a festival workshop or a group of community folk looking to learn more about this deeply misunderstood topic.

For women’s health and men’s health professionals, we can educate and support you on how best you can assist your clients to reach their health and fitness goals. From chiropractors to midwife students to GPs and physios; we love to collaborate, share knowledge and look at our clients from a holistic sense. The intimate nature of our workshops, combined with plenty of time for Q & A, leave audience members feeling prepared and confident to better help their clients and who and when to refer.

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Pelvic Solutions clinic tour. Women's and men's health physiotherapy

Pelvic Solutions Wanaka clinic tour. Women's and men's health physiotherapy

Let's get things started

If you’re reading any information on this page and find your head nodding along, don’t waste one more day in discomfort or pain. Book an appointment right here online for immediate action!
If you still have questions or want to chat, you can book in for a free 15-minute consultation, either over the phone or in clinic. This gives you a chance to explain your problems and goals and see how we might be able to help you (hint - we will be able to help you. It’s never too late, too small an issue or too big a challenge.)

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