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Healthy poo for a healthy you!

We love educating our community about poo! If kids and adults alike understand what their poo means, and what to do about it if your poo goes a bit funky - hard and chunky, soft and sloppy.... what things you can change to get the perfect poo!

Many pelvic health concerns come due to constipation or straining to pass bowel motions, so learning about what health toilet habits are for bowel health can make a massive difference to prevent and improve pelvic health concerns .

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Lisa Carnie
Movement For Play!

Go and watch a child play. They are in the moment. They don’t have to think ‘now how am I going to get down that low to pick up my toys?’ or ‘how am i going to jump from one rock to the next across a stream?’ it is effortless. This is because they spend hours playing! Their hips and spines are supple not stiff from sitting or standing in the same position all day.

Unsure where to start with getting suppleness back in the spine or hips and pelvis then this blog is a must read!

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