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Welcome to the Pelvic Solutions Blog, where we regularly update you with helpful information on women’s and men’s health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, practical tips for dealing with pelvic problems and helpful advice for you to be the best you!

Top tips to beat menopause! Emphasise the PAUSE in menopause.

25th February, 2020

Menopause top tips!  Menopause is an important time of your life. Every woman going through menopause should take this opportunity to book in with a […]


30th January, 2020

One postnatal symptom which some new mums battle with which is super un-fun is fluid retention. Pelvic Solutions’ therapist Ingrid Vollweiler walks us through how […]

Pregnancy women's health physiotherapy Pelvic Solutions

Pregnancy. How to prepare for your birth journey

2nd December, 2019

“owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not […]

Breaking down barriers

31st October, 2019

Most men have no idea they even have a pelvic floor – let alone how it could be affecting them. Here at Pelvic Solutions we […]

Lymphatic drainage blog

11th October, 2019

If you have just had a little one congratulations on the little bundle of joy!! There can be one not so joyful side effect that […]

Blue September

30th September, 2019

This month on the blog we explore the real-life case of one of our patients (and verifiable legend) Graham, who has been coming to Pelvic […]

A pain free life

30th August, 2019

Most of us know how debilitating pain can be; whether caused by a broken limb, surgery, sickness, trauma, mental illness or a broken heart. We […]

Between the sheets with pelvic solutions

26th July, 2019

Sex. The mystique and mundane, the taboo and the accepted, the longing, love, shame, trauma, stigma and necessity of it, wrapped and knotted together to […]

Prolapse management women's health physiotherapist, Pelvic Solutions

A passion was born: Our founder’s rise to reason

30th June, 2019

How Lisa Carnie found her purpose after her traumatic birth experience Sporting a pink, floaty dress, brightly coloured Portuguese ceramic earrings and long dark hair, […]

What does an initial pelvic health physiotherapy appointment involve?

27th May, 2019

What happens during a consultation? We understand that some people get nervous about attending their first pelvic health physiotherapy appointment, because it is new to […]

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