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Welcome to the Pelvic Solutions Blog, where we regularly update you with helpful information on women’s and men’s health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, practical tips for dealing with pelvic problems and helpful advice for you to be the best you!

Healthy poo for a healthy you!

27th May, 2019

  We love educating our community about poo! If kids and adults alike understand what their poo means, and what to do about it if […]

Movement for play!

18th April, 2019

Go and watch a child play. They are in the moment. They don’t have to think ‘now how am I going to get down that […]

Do you want the perfect pregnancy poo?

2nd April, 2019

Constipation in Pregnancy Are you feeling a bit blocked up, gassy or struggling to pass a bowel motion during pregnancy? 40% of all pregnant women […]

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