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30th January, 2020

One postnatal symptom which some new mums battle with which is super un-fun is fluid retention. Pelvic Solutions’ therapist Ingrid Vollweiler walks us through how […]

Lymphatic drainage blog

11th October, 2019

If you have just had a little one congratulations on the little bundle of joy!! There can be one not so joyful side effect that […]

Prolapse management women's health physiotherapist, Pelvic Solutions

A passion was born: Our founder’s rise to reason

30th June, 2019

How Lisa Carnie found her purpose after her traumatic birth experience Sporting a pink, floaty dress, brightly coloured Portuguese ceramic earrings and long dark hair, […]

What does an initial pelvic health physiotherapy appointment involve?

27th May, 2019

What happens during a consultation? We understand that some people get nervous about attending their first pelvic health physiotherapy appointment, because it is new to […]

Movement for play!

18th April, 2019

Go and watch a child play. They are in the moment. They don’t have to think ‘now how am I going to get down that […]

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