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We are here to help the every day athlete get back to the exercise they love, and also the high performance athletes improve their game by ensuring that the pelvis is not the weakest link and it is part of the power team to improve and enhance performance.  So here’s to no more wet pants or pain with exercise and movement!

The pelvis is the epicentre of the body, and after certain events like childbirth, trauma, or menopause, the pelvis and the pelvic floor can not behave quite the same as it did before.

We will make sure that the pelvis is working with the rest of the body, and that incontinence does not slow your performance, but have a strong functional system enhances your abilities to out perform out competitors.

We will liaise with coaches about the optimal way to get an athlete performing at the best.

We also see every day athlete, who may not be competing, but love to stay fit, strong, powerful and healthy.

Conditions we treat

Need to duck behind a bush mid-run? Running down that hill and find your tights damp? Double unders causing leaking? Or maybe it is half way through the 12 hour endurance race that the leaking starts?  Whatever the situation, leaking during exercise is not normal.  It is a sign that something is not functioning as it should, as we need to find out the why so we can get you on the treatment path to success.  We will review head to toe, alignment, breathing, posture, strength, power, and what strategies are you using when you are doing eh aggravating activity?  We will work to correct the strategies, and equip you with the tools to know how to adjust and adapt as you need to.

Commonly incontinence is ignored, but we know that if we can improve the symptoms, we can also improve the performance.

A feeling of heaviness or dragging sensation into the vagina or rectum, a vaginal bulge or incontinence can be coming from a drop in the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus or bowel) from their normal positions.  These symptoms should not be ignored during sport. An understanding of how the pressure from above the pelvic organs during sport (lifting or impact) affects the pelvic organs can help keep you safe when exercising.  Knowing how to train, with optimal strategies despite having prolapse is our greatest goal.  We want to continue to achieve your performance goals, without causing irreversible damage.

Downward dog and a little fart slips out can be humiliating.  Sometimes this comes out the bottom, sometimes out the vagina.  Vaginal wind is something of a taboo, that happens to many women, but we don’t talk about it!

Restoring the tone and function to the sphincters and pelvic floor muscles will help improve this problem, as can dietary changes.

Are you waking with stiffness of the hips? Low back pain during or after sport? Sharp pelvis pain on impact? Hip, pelvis and back pain can be ongoing, irritating and debilitating issues that are often hard to resolve. Our therapists take a holistic view of the condition by assessing the client from head to bare toes by looking at functional movements, range of motion, breathing technique, neural tension and discussing topics such as stress, diet and past injuries.  As they say the wrist watch is connected to the pelvis isnt it? In our opinion it is!!!

Our services related to high performance sport

Running assessment pelvic solutions
Running assessment

Running is a high impact sport and this can place alot of force through the body and onto the pelvic floor which can lead to hip, pelvis and back pain as well as urinary incontinence.

Our running Guru Ingrid Vollweiler does head to toe running assessments to figure out the actual cause of the dysfunction, pain or leaking during running.  Ingrid is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist and functional movement geek. Changing strategies, and a few tweaks, will see you lift performance and run stronger, faster, longer… with a life long sustainable technique to prevent dysfunction.

Strength and conditioning, clinical pilates and functional movement

After a comprehensive assessment to figure out the points that need attention to improve performance, our therapists will compose an individualised program for your needs.  This will usually involve a combination of strength, conditioning, pilates type exercise, and always functional movement.

Pessary fitting

A pessary is a flexible silicone device that goes inside the vagina and can help improve the anatomical position of the pelvic organs, and relieve prolapse symptoms such as vaginal bulge, heaviness or difficulty emptying the bladder or bowel. They can be worn all the time, or you can choose to wear them just when you need them, like in impact sport. Pessaries can also be used to improve urinary incontinence, as a rehabilitation tool for feedback of downward pressure into the pelvis during exercise and to facilitate pelvic floor strengthening.  No two vaginas are shaped the same, so there are a number of different pessary design options that may be of benefit, depending on your anatomy and type of prolapse.

All of our clients are taught how to insert, remove and self manage their pessary during a fitting. We work in collaboration with doctors to make sure that a pessary is safe and able to be used for each client.

Prolapse management
Prolapse Management

A prolapse often feels like a vaginal bulge or presents as pelvic/ perineal pressure or as lower back ache. There are loads of measures we give on how to help with your symptoms and we urge you to know that surgery does not have to be the first port of call.  Basically, we need to increase support from below the pelvic organs and reduce downward pressure from above the pelvic organs.  We have to make sure the bowels are working well and the bladder and bowel is emptying properly.

We can also provide support devices such as pessaries if indicated, which help support the bladder, uterus and bowel if they’ve dropped a bit. We can give you advice on appropriate exercise, when to rest with feet elevated in the middle of the day, management of constipation and respiratory conditions, weight loss and advice on avoiding / safe lifting.

Pelvic floor muscle strengthening

Getting these muscles optimised to their full potential is what we are best at! This is our jam! No flimpsy pamphlet and generic instruction given… we assess you fully, and get your started on how to get these wonderful muscles, power house strong, and able to respond to what you will throw at it. Your program will be individualised to EXACTLY what you need. We don’t want your pelvic floor muscles to be your weakest link! Sometimes that might involve pelvic floor muscles relaxation first, before we can work on the strength, power, co-ordination and endurance of these muscles. They have to be fast enough to catch those coughs and sneezes, and have enough endurance to last your run! They have to have enough tone to support your pelvic organs, and be able to fully relax to wee, poo and have sex! They need to be able to respond to impact during a lift or a jump…. And if you follow our recommendations… who knows…. Maybe you just might be able to shoot that ping pong ball across the room!

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