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Lymphatic treatment

Some cancers such as breast cancer can affect the lymph nodes and lymphedema can be the result.  Treatment can help to reduce the fluid build up, discomfort and ease movement.

Lymphatic fluid build-up post-pregnancy is common as pre-birth the body stores excess fluid to prepare for birth.

Since you are spending so much time gooing over your gorgeous little bubba you won’t have as much time/energy to move as much as you usually would meaning that your muscles cannot pump this fluid out as quickly or efficiently as they would have any other time you may have had edema. Also, the build-up is a lot more than what your system may have had to cope with in the past and the lymph nodes can get back logged like Auckland traffic at peak time so no fluid gets through…

This is where lymphatic massage comes in…its different to a regular massage in that it clears out the backlog of lymph by stimulating the proximal lymph glands then working its way out to that angry stuck lymph fluid distally such as the abdomen or the unwanted post pregnancy cankles…. after the massage our therapists follows up with lymphatic K-taping and specific exercises so you get the ongoing effects of the drainage massage once you leave the clinic rooms.

Conditions we treat

One postnatal symptom which some new mums battle with which is super un-fun is fluid retention.

Swelling during and after pregnancy is pretty common; after all, you’ve just grown a human IN YOUR BODY. You deserve a darn medal and a biscuit. Lymphatic fluid build-up post pregnancy is common, as the body has stored excess fluid to prepare for birth. However, there are some sorts of fluids which are normal and other fluids which are annoying and downright depressing. If you have excess fluid that you’re finding impossible to shift from your abdomen following the birth of your bub, you are not alone and it’s critical to know that it may not be fat! It’s really important to know that it’s not necessarily going to go away on its own – and what you can do about it.

Post-natal ladies can get an increase in lymph fluid in pregnancy where nodes can be compromised, such as when there’s scar tissue from a C-section. Plus, our muscles are like little pumps that pump this fluid around and postnatal women are often sitting more than they usually would be, oohing and aahing over their new baby, and aren’t moving the fluid away.

Lymphatic massage works to move and remove the fluid build up.

Some cancers such as breast cancer can affect the lymph nodes and lymphedema can be the result.  Treatment can help to reduce the fluid build up, discomfort and ease movement.


Services for Lymphatic fluid problems

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage works by stimulating the lymph nodes that may be remaining, then massaging the lymph fluid out proximally then distally and back to proximally. “Think of it like Auckland traffic; if the cars are so jammed up at the front, no one can get through. You have to move the cars strategically at the front and slowly work your way to the cars at the back to get them all working efficiently. If there’s something blocking the flow such as road works, like scar tissue from a C-section, you also need to work on this or it will continually block the flow. To work into the scar we use different massage techniques, dry needling and stretching exercises.  It is common to pass urine a lot after the lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic taping

Kinesio tape works to decrease swelling and Lymphedema by increasing interstitial lymphatic fluid flow and enhance fluid exchange between tissue layers, thus decreasing swelling. The tape will “channel” the exudates to less congested areas through the superficial pathways

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