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If you have an ejaculatory disorder like premature ejaculation, difficult arousal, hard to get and sustain an erection or performance anxiety there is plenty of help available from your men’s health physiotherapy clinic, Pelvic Solutions.

There’s a lot of shame and stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction and it can put a real downer on your day. It can be very emasculating and a blow to a gentleman’s confidence. If it’s something you’re struggling with, you’re not alone and that’s why we’re so passionate to raise awareness around the issue. It’s way more common than you think – and there is something you can do about it.

These issues could be caused by a variety of things, including stress, prostate surgery, smoking, psychological factors, pelvic floor muscle weakness and vascular disease.

First thing’s first – you have to seek help. This doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Our pelvic floor physiotherapists can help rehabilitate these problems with an individualised and specific program for pelvic floor strengthening exercises, lifestyle changes and the use of vacuum assisted devices if need be. It’s not scary, it works and it will make your life that much better when the lights go off.

Services related to erectile dysfunction

Pelvic floor muscle training for men

Identifying the pelvic floor muscles and knowing how to feel a definate squeeze and lift action is the first part of being able to strengthen these muscles. Even men who feel just a small movement because of muscle weakness can improve! At first you will likely perform these exercises in lying or sitting. As these muscles strengthen you will progress to more functional positions such as standing. Your therapist will design a program specific to you.
We use technology such as EMG biofeedback to show how strong the muscles are and help teach you how to get the best activation for the perfect program for you. Optimisation of pevic floor muscle strength will take 3-4 months of regular training of the muscles.
Remember to use your muscles when ever you exert yourself during daily activities. Pelvic floor muscle exercises can not only increase the ability to hold urine, but it can also help control an unruly overactive bladder.

Vacuum assisted devices

You can use a penis pump after a prostatectomy to help promote blood supply to the tissues of the penis, improve tissue flexibility, maintain penis length and size and encouraging nerves stimulation.  The use of assistive medications like viagra and cialis is recommended to help progress sexual function after surgery, and you can speak to your doctor about this.

Pumping may start 6 weeks after surgery, but you need to speak to your specialist before starting, as it may be required that you start later than this if there has been any surgical complications or you have scarring that is causing discomfort.

The pumps can also be used to assist sexual intercourse to obtain an erection and then place a constriction or C ring over the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

Ingredients to create new pathways to pleasure

Creating new pathways to pleasure is possible.  Sex is one of the most common topics we talk about in the clinic. Everybody wants to know, but no one is talking about it! We get asked about everything; from how to last longer, to painful sex, to how to have the very best sex for YOU. Sex with yourself, sex with a partner of 1 week or 50 years.  Connected, toe-curling, intimate, joyful and roof lifting sex is not a distant spectre on the horizon. It should be yours to have and to hold, and we will exploring HOW.

We talk about sex a lot. Painful sex, lack of libido, problems with pleasure and intimacy, are all enormous issues. People are very relieved to talk about it and have often never been asked about it before, but it’s such a big part of their life. It can affect their relationships and their identities. Whatever the stage of a man’s life, we want to support them back to having pain free and pleasurable sex. There is hope for EVERYONE. Seize the day by the short and curlies, and come and see us.

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