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Menopause drop in clinic
Free 15 minute consultations

Curious how your pelvic floor is doing?
Problems with incontinence?
Sex not comfortable?
Pelvic, hip or back pain?
Want to exercise safely?
Want to know how to prepare for Menopause?

Come and ask your questions about menopause, how to get strong and keep the bones healthy, exercise safely, get continent and how to deal with those menopause symptoms.

No appointment necessary, express 15 min free consults for any lady, sister, aunty, wife, partner of friend who is in or nearing menopause and has some questions… pass on the word to the ladies in your world so they can come and find out more about how to get the help they need to sail through menopause!

Come and see Lisa Carnie.

Local sex expert Nina Powell will be attending our next Menopause drop in clinic!

Come and ask any questions you might have about how to have a fulfilling and healthy sex life through menopause and far beyond! You may have questions about:
– Lack of sensation
– Sexual desire
– Lubrication
Drop in and see Nina, no appointment necessary, 30 min complimentary consultations. Bring a friend! You can find out more about Nina from here website

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