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Educating our community

It’s our goal to see pelvic health talked about openly to a wide, mainstream audience throughout New Zealand. How magic it would be, to help potentially millions of people realise that they’re not alone in their symptoms, nor are they normal and that there is help available.

Education is the key to empowerment and we’re passionate about spreading the word of pelvic health in a way that is personable, engaging, fun and informative.

We enjoy holding educational evenings  with our local and regional GP’s, midwifes, personal trainers and the wider community involved with health and wellness for women and men alike.

We are regular speakers at a range of different events throughout Wanaka, Queenstown and Central Otago. We tailor our talks depending on the audience, be it a conference of health professionals or a charity community event. Meanwhile, a live corporate event is only as good as its speakers and Pelvic Solutions is proud to present an engaging and inspiring series of talks which are tailored to the specific event, be it about pregnancy and postnatal challenges, to exercise and the pelvic floor, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

We hold regular educational events with our trusted partners, like Wanaka’s Plunket and enjoy holding educational evenings  with our local and regional GPs, midwives, personal trainers and the wider community involved with health and wellness for women and men.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Workshops

Pelvic Solutions is passionate about education and making information readily accessible in the community, with regular workshops with Wanaka’s Plunket. The team also hold in-clinic sessions throughout the year, offering free 15-minute sessions which are drop in for postnatal women, pregnancy and men’s health. The sessions are interactive, practical and filled with useful information which can be used immediately to make gains and improvements in health and wellbeing.

The physiotherapist team will continue to expand its workshop capacity across a range of topics – keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates!

Pelvic Solutions Events and workshops

Do you want us at your event?

Are you looking for a speaker with a difference? Do you want to help your staff lead their best lives when it comes to pelvic health? Perhaps you have a community event that would benefit from knowing more about incontinence, back pain, postnatal exercise, prostate cancer after-surgery care or menopause? We have been privileged to speak to a vast range of audiences about an array of life-changing topics. Our talks are tailored to our audience and we get an enormous thrill out of empowering others to take charge of their health and find the missing piece of the puzzle - the pelvic floor. Our physiotherapists are available to present workshops, hold events and provide tailored resources for you. Call us or email us if you’d like to talk further about this!

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