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It’s our goal to see pelvic health talked about openly to a wide, mainstream audience throughout New Zealand. How magic it would be, to help potentially millions of people realise that they’re not alone in their symptoms, nor are they normal and that there is help available.

Education is the key to empowerment and we’re passionate about spreading the word of pelvic health in a way that is personable, engaging, fun and informative.

Previous Events

Mar 28
Menopause and Pelvic Health drop in clinic

Location: 21J Gordon road, Wanaka

Description: Menopause drop in clinic
Free 15 minute consultations

Curious how your pelvic floor is doing?
Problems with incontinence?
Sex not comfortable?
Pelvic, hip or back pain?
Want to exercise safely?
Want to know how to prepare for Menopause?

Feb 22
Positive pregnancy, birth and the post-natal transition

Location: Queenstown

Description: Be inspired with different birthing stories from trusted health professionals.. you can't read about this!

Jun 08
Cromwell women’s wellness

Location: 7A Murray Terrace, Cromwell

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