Pelvic Solutions

Ingrid Vollweiler


Ingrid Vollweiler

Ingrid loves to help women get back to fitness and movement.  She is a problem solver, an athlete and is a family girl.  She is a farm girl at heart, but her passion for pelvic health physiotherapy won, and we are lucky to steel her from the farm back to the clinic. 

Ingrid completed a Bachelor of Physical education at Otago University then went of to complete a Masters Of Physiotherapy studies at Queensland University.

Ingrid has worked in different Musculoskeletal clinics in Australia and NZ for the past 7 years and over that time developed a special interest in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy completing further training in Australia and NZ. Ingrid is a qualified Pilates trainer.

Guilty pleasure: Beating the boys downhill on my mountain bike!

Fave movie: The Intouchables

 3 people you would love to have dinner with: Lance ‘O’ Sullivan, David Attenborough and Russel Brand

 I love physiotherapy because: It gives me great satisfaction to get people back to the things they love!

 Modes of Transport: Bike, skis, tramping boots and running shoes

 Fave book: The Good Doctor by Lance ‘O’ Sullivan

 Favourite Places: My Parents sheep farm in Waihola, anywhere in the wilderness on an adventure tramping skiing or biking or tucked up with a good book.

 Why do you love Pelvic Solutions: I feel pelvic health is crucial to achieving full quality of life and many people put up with pelvic health issues as they are seen as ‘normal’ or ‘unfixable’. I love to be able to get to the source of these issues and improve quality of life.

 Fave quote: ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’

 Surprised to know: I love to paint and draw in my spare time