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Lisa Carnie

Lisa Carnie

lisa carnie

Lisa has always been fascinated by movement and is passionate about helping women and men maintain and pursue health, fitness, and continence throughout all stages of their lives.  Lisa has more than 15 years’ experience treating people with a wide range of conditions, both locally and internationally.  She completed her post graduate studies in pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence and continues on her mission to improve care and remove stigmas.  Lisa achieves great satisfaction from making a life-changing difference in people’s lives by optimising their pelvic health and seeing clients reaching their personal and fitness goals. 

After her own birthing experience, Lisa experienced both the delights and pains of pregnancy and childbirth. Determined to recover and enjoy her new baby as well as return to an active lifestyle, Lisa went on a journey that led to a slight obsession with all things pelvic floor. Her ambition is to assist women to recover from pregnancy, and both women and men to return to fitness and lead a normal lifestyle. Her compassion and drive will make you feel both at ease and motivated during your recovery.

Guilty pleasure: A long super hot shower

Fave movie: Horton hears a who!

3 people you would love to have dinner with: Kim Anami, Tim Ferris & Opa (Grandpa)

I love pelvic physiotherapy because: The life control that patients can gain back when they realise they don’t actually have to put up with those annoying pelvic problems.

Fave book: The Power of One

Favourite Place: Morocco, Atlas by motor bike & if I can have one more… the Bolivian mountains

Favourite space in Wanaka: my son’s room in his secret hut

Why do you love Pelvic Solutions: because we live our values, and breath our mission.

Moves: by feet, bike, skis, and e-bike with kids on the back

Surprised to know: My past life included frequent sky diving and speed flying adventures!