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If you have just had a little one congratulations on the little bundle of joy!!

There can be one not so joyful side effect that no one really tells you about….fluid that you just can’t shift sitting in the abdomen ….and NO THIS IS NOT JUST FAT!!!!!!

Lymphatic fluid build up post pregnancy is common as pre birth the body stores excess fluid to prepare for birth

Since you are spending so much time gooing over your gorgeous little bubba you won’t have as much time/energy to move as much as you usually would meaning that your muscles cannot pump this fluid out as quickly or efficiently as they would have any other time you may have had edema. Also the build up is alot more than what your system may have had to cope with in the past and the lymph nodes can get back logged like Auckland traffic at peak time so no fluid gets through…

This is where lymphatic massage comes in…its different to a regular massage in that it clears out the backlog of lymph by stimulating the proximal lymph glands then working its way out to that angry stuck lymph fluid distally such as the abdomen or the unwanted post pregnancy cankles…. after the massage our therapists follows up with lymphatic K-taping and specific exercises so you get the ongoing effects of the drainage massage once you leave the clinic rooms.

So lets get you back in those ski boots or heels or the fav ol pre pregnancy jeans by booking a lymphatic massage with us today!

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