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Telehealth online physio consults

Telehealth video online physio consultations are available for women’s health physiotherapy, men’s health physiotherapy and children’s continence, from Wanaka, Cromwell and Queenstown or anywhere in New Zealand.
You can access our expert Pelvic Health Physiotherapists from your own couch!
With Telehealth we can treat you from anywhere, on any device. For online physio sessions, our patients will be sent an instant appointment confirmation and again in their appointment reminder two days before their appointment.
Although we can not assess you with our hands, our experience and expertise allows us to see faulty movement patterns and detect other tricks just by watching you move in front of the camera.  We will ask specific questions to confirm our working diagnosis and we may ask you do to a few assessments during the consults at home, so we can get a better idea of how you are moving, and what the problem areas are, to help guide our treatments.

Why online consultations work:

  • We help you set goals set you goals.  We help you to identify the difference between common and normal, and how to get back to normality after a life even like having a baby or a surgery where we need to make the most of the acute period when the body is in healing overdrive!
  • Planning exercise and activity to prevent long term problems and potential surgery down the track.
  • Demonstrating and teaching self treatment techniques and self release exercises to you
  • Providing advice about lifestyle changes that can be made to help improve symptoms
  • Having someone to ask your questions, someone who is on your team to help you get dry, pain free, strong, and free from problems in the pelvis.

Time to make the first step to a lifetime of freedom from pelvic problems.

Who needs a telehealth online physio consultation?

  • Those currently unable to visit a clinic due to COVID-19 risk, self isolation or lack of transport
  • Those in rural or remote locations within New Zealand who do not have access to local expertise
  • Those who have been told by their GP, Specialist doctor, midwife, or other health professional that Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help, but can’t access one right now in person
  • Those who would prefer not to have the physical touch that a face to face treatment would usually involve, for example sexual abuse clients.
  • Those who would like a second opinion, for example an opinion on conservative management approach vs surgical

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to change the face of the world, we believe that online consultations are the way we can contribute to the global approach to protect infection risk, and avoid community transmission.  The wellbeing of our clients and our team are our highest priority at this time. If you have any questions at all please reach out to us on 021 64 7272.

Personalised rehabilitation program

We use Physiotec’s innovative technologies and our expertise in functional movement, pilates, yoga and exercise prescription to design a rehabilitation program specific to what you need to improve your symptoms.
We build you home exercise program, with beautifully designed instructional videos and step-by-step instructions, that help to motivate our patients to stay on track. Our therapists can monitor our patients’ compliance, pain levels and more. Available on any mobile device or web browser.
We are also holding our exercise classes online including the following classes:
  • Pregnancy exercise and education classes
  • Post-natal exercise and education classes
  • Advanced post natal exercise class
  • Menopause exercise class


How it works

  • Before your consultation we will send you a pre-appointment questionnaire to complete details about why you are seeking help, what specific problems you are having, your medical history and your story.  This helps us to fast track your treatment at the time of the appointment saving valuable time.
  • We will send you an appointment link for the online call via zoom, and we will ensure you are set up to use it.
  • For zoom you will need to follow the prompts to download the app.  It can run off any laptop, computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone with a built in mic and camera.
  • Zoom can be downloaded for free at this link –




What is the cost of an online appointment?

Costings for an appointment with Pelvic Solutions are:


$125 for  a 60 min initial

$95 for a 30 minute repeat appointment


You will be sent an invoice after your appointment to your email for the consultation fee.

After your initial appointment you will be sent a management plan with a full summary of what was covered in the treatment, and the clear, actionable steps you will need to take with your rehabilitation.


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