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Not from Central Otago? We offer an assortment of intensive programs for out of towners which range from one to four weeks. This is ideal for those who are travelling to Wanaka or Queenstown for a holiday, visiting friends, passing through or coming specifically. It’s an opportunity for those who don’t have access to expert care locally, or haven’t found success with their local practitioners and are ready to try a new approach.  You may have reached a plateau, or have been told that you will just have to live with these problems now as there are no other options for treatment. You may feel on your own, but there are thousands of people who have successfully dealt with chronic pelvic problems, including pelvic pain, and are now living a life without these problems, and you can too!

We focus on reducing symptoms while you’re here and building a custom action plan for you to continue those gains when you go home. We will work with out-of-town, rural New Zealand and international patients.  All patients receive a full medical history review, physiotherapy hands on treatment, posture, breathing  and gait analysis, and go home with a comprehensive self-care program, including written resources, and an individually tailored exercise program. The program includes an initial remote consultation, hands on treatment 1:1 and follow-up calls to progress you once home.  Give us a call to discuss if this program is best for you.

Program Overview ​

Initial Remote Consultation

We’ll start with a 60 minute phone / zoom call before your trip.  In the call, we’ll go over your history, symptoms, your goals, and give you an assessment and action plan.  We will check you have received all medical testing that may be necessary before your treatment. This maximises the time you spend with your physiotherapist in-person when you arrive.

Program Description​

While you are in town, you’ll come in for a, 2-hour treatment session Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  The Wednesday off treatment is an important time for reflection, restoration, and it will be important to do a fun activity!  Treatment will include a lot of hands-on treatment, but also education to teach you (and any support person you may bring with you) the techniques for home exercise, self treatment, flare management, necessary changes to thoughts and beliefs and self-care that you’ll be using when you go home.  We want to empower you to regain control of your health by giving you the physical treatment in clinic, then the tools and knowledge you need for success.

What you will achieve

At the end of the program, you’ll have:

  • A clear understanding of the the cause of your condition
  • A management plan, with clear actionable short and long terms steps to build on the gains you made in clinic treatment
  • Resources, educational information and a tailored exercise program for you
  • A detailed report you can share with other health care providers involved in your care when you return home

Questions always come up when you return home.  We schedule a 30-min follow-up call to answer your questions and address any new issues at two weeks and six weeks after you return home.  You’ll also have access to our Pelvic Health Physiotherapists through email for additional support.


We will customise your program, and therefore cost based on your treatment needs and your length of stay.  Below are examples for common program stays, and we can give you an exact amount when we schedule your specific program after the first remote consultation.  All pricing includes an initial remote consultation, four times a week physiotherapy treatment, a home exercise program, self-care tools, flare management plan, a home action plan and two follow-up calls.

  • One Week – $2,000 (on special for $1500)
  • Two Weeks – $3,500
  • Three Weeks – $5,800

The closest local airport is Queenstown,  which is about 1 hour from our clinic. We are located 3 hours from Dunedin, and 5 hours from Christchurch.   We can provide recommendations and assistance to find accommodation and activities for you and/or your people during your time in Wanaka.  

Still have questions?

If you still have questions or want to chat, you can book in for a free 15-minute consultation, either over the phone or on zoom. This gives you a chance to explain your problems and goals and see how we might be able to help you.

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