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Why choose us?

We are highly trained pelvic health professionals who also have a background in regular, musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This means we look at the body as a whole and how the pelvis – the epicentre of it all – plays its oh-so-important role. It’s extraordinary how often we can be suffering from chronic pain in the feet, hips or lower back, without realising the cause of our symptoms lies in our pelvis. Tricky wee devils!

Our highly skilled physiotherapists are devoted to the treatment of pelvic health problems in women, men and children.

Each consultation at Pelvic solutions is always one-on-one and the first consultation is 60 minutes long as we believe you need an adequate amount of time to address pelvic challenges and find out the underlying cause. From incontinence and trauma related issues to challenges with pain, pregnancy, post-natal, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and high performance athletes – we’re trusted providers of specialist information, treatment and advice.

We receive referrals from clinicians, midwives, specialists, personal trainers and doctors – as well as people simply picking up the phone, looking for help and for answers.

Conditions we treat

Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Kid Continence

Children are not little adults when it comes to addressing continence concerns. They require a different approach, and techniques to get them on track with improving continence. The impact of incontinence can impact the child and the family hugely. Maybe school camp is coming, your child wants to have their first sleepover, or just wants to get through a day of school without wetting or pooping their pants, we are here to support the process, and avoid reoccurance.

High Performance Sport

These holistic exercise and education classes have been designed by expert pelvic health physiotherapists and an exercise scientist to assist and empower women to gain confidence in their bodies and return to full strength and fitness safely. We understand the impact pregnancy and birth have on the body and how to best support you in healing.

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