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You come first

At Pelvic Solutions, you come first. Our consults are 60-minutes long and are always one on one with our physiotherapists. We don’t believe in quick fixes or a band aid approach – the complexity of pelvic health and the individual’s story means our sessions are always in-depth and far longer than your standard physio session.

This whole body approach is bespoke to you and it starts far from the pelvis – it starts with a pair of ears.

We listen to your journey and how it has impacted you, so we can start to create a bigger picture. This helps us get to the heart of the problem – the ‘why’ behind the what.

We combine the latest in technology, from biofeedback machines to TENS machines, with manual hands-on therapy and our medical understanding, to create the whole package to treat the whole problem.

Car Parking

Parking is in the central parking spaces or on the street.  Please do not park in front of the building.

We don’t have a reception at the moment, so when you come in please take a seat. Use the time for 5 deep breaths, we won’t be long!


New Patients

After booking an initial appointment you will receive an email with a link for a form to complete before your first appointment.  This form will help us get you started on the right track towards improving your health. Please complete it with as much detail as you can

If you don’t complete the form before your consultation then please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the new patient documentation and consent forms on the ipad at the front desk.

If you have a valid ACC claim (within one-year-old) please bring the claim number with you. If you have a new injury our Physiotherapists can lodge a new ACC claim for you.  Please bring any relevant x-rays, scans or reports with you.


What happens at your first appointment?

Please allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment. This allows us to take a complete history of your presenting condition, relevant details of your medical history, a thorough examination to ensure we tailor the treatment to your unique needs. We use the time to educate you about your condition so that you have a better understanding of what you can do to return to optimum health as soon as possible.  We will provide you with a detailed treatment plan, and if necessary a home exercise program that you will have access to online.

We expect your appointment to run on time. If we do experience delays that could impact your appointment time we will let you know as soon as possible.


Optimising your outcome

In order to create a momentum of healing and progress, it is optimal for us to follow our ideal progress plan. If you need to change an appointment, please allow us 48 hours notice so that we can arrange to care for another client during that time. It will also allow you to avoid the fee for missed or late notice changes to your appointment.

Unexpected emergency? Call us when possible to let us know you’re OK. We always take extenuating circumstances into consideration.


What to expect at your follow up appointment

Please bring with you any documentation that was requested after your initial appointment, for example, a bladder or bowel diary.

Please allow up to 30 minutes for your follow up appointment. This allows us to provide an in-depth treatment and education on what you can do to return to optimum health as soon as possible. We will update your treatment plan, so please bring it with you.

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Our combination of manual, hands-on therapy, exercise prescription, advanced technology techniques, dry needling and physical consultations means we see life-changing results every day. This feeds our passion to make more people aware that they don’t have to put up with their symptoms – that they deserve better and that help is available.

Investment options

So often, we baulk at spending money on ourselves. We often put others first. However, from experience, we know that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Investing in our health means investing in the wellbeing of your family and at Pelvic Solutions, we believe in looking long-term. By resolving the cause of your symptoms, they often don’t reoccur.  It is an investment to a life you won’t regret. 

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