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Your investment options

So often, we baulk at spending money on ourselves. We often put others first. However, from experience, we know that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Investing in our health means investing in the wellbeing of your family and at Pelvic Solutions, we believe in looking long-term.

By resolving the cause of your symptoms, they often don’t reoccur. By being a pain-free Mum, Dad, Aunt, Grandfather or friend, we can be more present, contribute more to our communities and live with more joy. The people around you deserve that and more than anything, YOU deserve that.

We see clients who have injury claims and cover with ACC and Southern Rehab. We see private clients and those covered by medical insurance.

Telehealth Consultation

  • Initial consultation on the phone (60 mins) $150
  • Repeat consultation on the phone / computer (30 mins) $105


  • Initial (60 minutes) $180
  • Standard Follow-up (30 mins) $130
Extended appointments are available if required:
  • Follow-up (45 minutes) $170
  • Follow-up (60 minutes) $200


  • Initial (60 minutes) $125
  • Standard follow-up (30 mins) $85
Extended appointments are available if required:
  • Follow-up (45 minutes)  $110
  • Follow-up (60 minutes)  $150



  • Initial (45 minutes) $130
  • Standard follow-up (30 mins) $105



We never want finances to be a reason why a person does not get the help that they need.  We have introduced Oxipay to our clinic for this reason.

Oxipay is a flexible payment solution providing clients with payment solutions now by splitting the payments over four easily managed payments.  No added fees or no interest when you pay on time.

Talk to us about Oxipay if you want to find out more..

Bladder retraining for kids

Unsure about payment options?

Book a free consultation and we can talk you through your options.

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