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Who are we

Pelvic Solutions is far more than just a clinic. It’s a beacon of hope for many who had almost given up and a symbol of the determination to change the status quo when it comes to Kiwi pelvic health. This isn’t just a job for the team that works here – it’s a passion and a place of purpose.

The clinic was forged from a personal story. Founder, Lisa Carnie started the clinic after experiencing a traumatic childbirth that sparked a journey of physical and emotional challenges. As a physiotherapist, she had a deep awareness of the body – but realised how much New Zealand was lacking in pelvic health specialisation and accessibility. She went on to study for years in advanced pelvic physiotherapy and continues to grow the team with like-minded therapists specialising in their field.

The clinic’s success boils down to one thing – the epidemic of pelvic health issues that Pelvic Solutions is passionate to address. With a large percentage of referrals coming from trusted health professionals in the field; from midwives and personal trainers, to surgeons and GPs, Pelvic Solutions is the lynch pin that offers the missing piece when it comes to health and wellbeing.

We believe in going beyond looking just at symptoms to finding the heart of the problem, using a full body approach that is holistic and bespoke. As leaders in the field, we are breaking ground and helping our clients smash their goals, many of whom have tried every treatment under the sun before seeing us, with limited success. Our proven techniques seamlessly blend advanced technologies with ancient wisdom and we go far beyond just looking at the pelvis.

Having a team means we can collaborate on ideas and complement each other on more complex cases. We also refer to a network of trusted practitioners, outside to the clinic, to assist you on your wellness journey.

We want people to know that help exists; that life can be better. We want to change the world, one pelvis at a time. We want to resolve your symptoms and stop them from returning. More than anything, we want you to leave the clinic empowered and ready to get back to the life you love.

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Lisa Carnie

Lisa has always been fascinated by movement and is passionate about helping women and men maintain and pursue health, fitness, and continence throughout all stages of their lives. Lisa has more than 17 years’ experience treating people with a wide range of conditions, both locally and internationally. She is an strong advocate and gets invited nationally to speak at events on pelvic health.

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