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There aren’t many sports that Ingrid hasn’t tried and excelled at. A passionate mountain biker with a guilty pleasure of beating the boys down the slope, if Ingrid isn’t on the lake wakeboarding, she’s ski touring or tramping to far flung places. A keen multisports athlete, she’s raced New Zealand’s iconic Coast to Coast and is a passionate runner. As a qualified pilates trainer and an exercise scientist, Ingrid is all about getting people moving and grooving in the right way, doing the things they love without discomfort, leaking or pain.

After working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in New Zealand and Australia for seven years, Ingrid developed an interest in how the often-overlooked pelvic floor can provide the missing piece of a client’s story – an interest which soon turned into a passion as she delved deeper into the field. Ingrid studied specialist pelvic health physiotherapy in both New Zealand and Australia, joining Lisa at Pelvic Solutions in 2019.

Ingrid’s reputation precedes her, particularly with elite and everyday athletes looking to get back to performing their best. Whether they’re recovering from injury, childbirth, or simply wanting to be better at what they do, Ingrid can correct sport specific technique and daily movement patterns to ensure the body is moving at its best.

Ingrid offers running assessments as well as pre and post natal group exercise classes which empowers women to move safely and effectively, no matter their condition. Ingrid’s also passionate about helping blokes get back to doing what they love, whether they’ve battled prostate cancer or are looking for help in other areas. As a farm girl growing up rurally outside Dunedin, she knows the reluctance men sometimes have when it comes to seeking help – and her empathy and easy going nature makes her consult room a safe and supported place to be.

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Fun Facts
  • Guilty pleasure: Beating the boys downhill on my mountain bike!
  • Fave movie: The Intouchables
  •  3 people you would love to have dinner with: Lance ‘O’ Sullivan, David Attenborough, and Russel Brand
  •  I love physiotherapy because It gives me great satisfaction to get people back to the things they love!
  •  Modes of Transport: Bike, skis, tramping boots and running shoes
  •  Fave book: The Good Doctor by Lance ‘O’ Sullivan
  •  Favourite Places: My Parents sheep farm in Waihola, anywhere in the wilderness on an adventure tramping skiing or biking or tucked up with a good book.
  •  Why do you love Pelvic Solutions: I feel pelvic health is crucial to achieving the full quality of life and many people put up with pelvic health issues as they are seen as ‘normal’ or ‘unfixable’. I love to be able to get to the source of these issues and improve the quality of life.
  •  Fave quote: ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’
  •  Surprised to know: I love to paint and draw in my spare time

Conditions Ingrid treats

Stress, urge or mixed incontinence, dysuria (painful passing of urine), overactive bladder, overflow incontinence. Weak pelvic floor muscles contributing to stress incontinence, urinary urge incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic floor muscles are too tight and have a high tone.

Birth preparation, incontinence, pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy pain, pubic symphysis pain, rib and upper back pain, swollen legs, anorectal pain, posture and back care.

Abdominal and pelvic muscles, scars (c-section, episiotomy, 3rd and 4th-degree perineal tears from instrumental delivery), diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), strength endurance and function of the pelvic floor, skeletal alignment, diaphragm and breathing, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, incontinence (stress and urge), trapped air in the vagina and mastitis.

Faecal (poo) and flatal (wind) incontinence/soiling, difficulty emptying (including obstructive defaecation) and urgency.

Bowel, bladder and uterine.

Hysterectomy and surgery for pelvic organ prolapse.

Persistent pelvic pain conditions, ano-rectal pain, sacral, coccyx thoraco-lumbar, abdominal-pelvic, perineum pains, Pudendal nerve pain, scarring, dyspareunia (difficult or painful sex), vaginismus (involuntary tightening of the muscles around the vagina).  For men, pain in the testes, scrotum, and genitals.

Pregnancy, scaring, haemorrhoids, overactive pelvic floor.

Erectile dysfunction, decreased sensation, vaginal dryness, painful sexual intercourse or intimacy.

Urinary incontinence or bowel issues after surgery.

Pregnancy and post natal Lymphatic massage, post cancer lymphatic massage, lymphatic taping

Pregnancy and post natal exercise and education class, 1:1 or 1:2 personal training

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